Rising from the ashes in Iraq

For Iraqi families trying to rebuild their lives, poverty and trauma seemed inescapable.

Yazidi and Christian families who fled ISIL’s atrocities tell their harrowing stories of the loss of loved ones and the sense of terror that still surrounds them.

Yet they also tell us about the hope in their experiences, the hope that they experienced through the love they felt from the communities who welcomed and protected them

And now, Iraqi Christians are determined to return and renew their beautiful homeland.

Many displaced Iraqis are trying to return home now, only to find that everything they knew has been
destroyed. Their towns and villages need infrastructure – roads need repairing, water and electricity supplies need restoring and the schools need rebuilding. That’s where Running Home begins…

In 2019, Embrace will establish our first partnerships in Iraq, supporting the work of Christians who are already responding to the needs of displaced people.


From building and running schools and healthcare facilities, to rebuilding homes and starting new businesses, with your support, Christian communities are aiming to rebuild their communities and economies and create opportunities for the next generation.

Christians have been a part of the fabric of society in Iraq for 2,000 years. Now, in the aftermath of horrific persecution, their numbers are low so it’s vital that we support them and the tireless humanitarian work that characterises their presence.

Iraq images credit: Paul Jeffrey