Our mission is to help poor people

World Vision is a Christian charity founded in 1945 by Robert M. Ball.

World Vision is founded on Christianity and is committed to ending poverty, hunger, and injustice. Their mission states that they focus on three areas:

– Feed the hungry

– Help the needy

– Freely give to anyone in need

We are a Christian charity that operates in developing countries. We’re working in an effort to deliver life-changing medical and social services to the poor.

We’re grateful for your support and partnership as we work towards a healthier and more just world.

Charity should not be just about donating money, but providing assistance to the people in need. In this mission, we want to help those who are less fortunate through our content

We go beyond traditional charities by providing learning materials on how to build a small business starting from solutions for poor people.

We are a Christian charity that works in the field of education, healthcare, empowerment and development. We give our life to help those who are vulnerable with resources that we have.

The mission of the organization is to promote the well-being and development in an environment which is free from poverty.

We are a Christian charity organization dedicated to providing relief and assistance to the poor. Our motto is “The hand that gives life shall not perish”.

Our mission is to help poor people by providing relief through education, healthcare and spiritual care. We have been in existence for over 40 years, providing support to victims of natural disasters, war, conflict and poverty across the world.

People in need of help and support should never be left behind. With a touch of faith, we strive to help the poor and those in need. Christian Aid is an international charity organization with branches all around the world.

Christian Aid offers humanitarian aid, advocacy, education and training, healthcare services, disaster relief and development assistance to poor people without discrimination. They have helped more than 60 million people since 1940.

The mission of The Christian Organization for the Poor is to help the poor in impoverished nations through education, health care and sustainable economic development.

This organization has a lot of charitable causes that they are trying to support. They also work with hospitals, schools, government offices and other actors in their regions.

We are a Christian charity that focuses on helping people living in poverty. We help families by providing them with food, water and sanitary items.

A lot of our work is done by trying to engage with the local community and getting them involved in various projects.

We have been working in Uganda since 2017 and we are now establishing ourselves as a long-term partner of the wider community.

At Children of Charity, we believe that every human being is worthy of love and that the Bible teaches us to care for the orphan and widow. We are a Christian charity committed to serving the poor in need around the world.

Children of Charity exists as a means to help poor people in need. It provides food, water, shelter, and education as well as medical aid. We work with local churches through partnerships so that they can see what we do and how we do it in order to inspire them.

We are a Christian charity that provides aid for poor people in the United States of America.

We at Compassion International were established in 1959 to help Christian children, mainly the poorest of the poor, in the developing world. We focus exclusively on education and child development.

The mission of Compassion International spans more than 50 countries and includes sending food, school supplies, and medical supplies to more than 8 million children every year.

We are not a traditional charity focused on fundraising but we are a Christian charity organization that has helped serve 1.2 billion people as of June 30th 2017.

Our mission is to help poor people. We are an international Christian charity committed to working in the poorest parts of the world.

Our vision is that every individual has an opportunity for their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.