Run 1: St Mungo's Route - Completed

  • Start: Sunday 13 January 2019

  • St Mungo’s Route

  • 45 miles

  • Dunfermline Abbey to the Tomb of St Mungo in Glasgow Cathedral, via Culross and Falkirk.

About the run

Starting this year of running pilgrimages on St Mungo's Day is very appropriate. According to the stories, Kentigern (Mungo being his pet name) was born in the 6th century, as a displaced child, his mother having been exiled. Later he was displaced again from Strathclyde by a strong anti-Christian movement.


St Mungo could easily identify with those we are supporting in Iraq. Despite the challenges he faced, he is remembered for his tender heart and enormous courage. He's the patron of those who stand up against bullies. He's also the patron of the City of Glasgow where it is thought he was the first bishop. He covered thousands of miles, presumably mostly on foot, as he sought to tell the story of a loving God to anyone who would listen.


Mark's first run goes through his place of St Mungo's birth, Culross, and ends at his tomb in Glasgow Cathedral.


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