Running home 2019

For most people just finishing a single marathon would be a challenge. Finishing an ultra-marathon would be beyond us.


But 14 in one year … That is superhuman!

That is the challenge that Mark, one of Embrace's Regional Managers, has taken on in 2019.


He will be running pilgrimage routes across Scotland and the North of England to raise money and awareness about the even bigger challenge that Iraq’s Christians face as they try to rebuild their country after war.

As Embrace starts supporting Christian-led projects in Iraq for the very first time Mark hopes all of us will get behind him in this epic challenge.


You can:
•    Join him in raising money for Embrace’s first programmes in Iraq
•    Pray with him and for the people of Iraq as he runs the pilgrim routes
•    Cheer him on as he passes through communities and pauses at churches to tell everyone about the
      work that his run will make possible

By supporting Mark’s run, you can help make a better future possible for the people of Iraq.


So please join us, after all, Mark is doing all the hard work!

Meet Mark


The Middle East is my personal and professional passion. I have studied and volunteered in the region spending time in Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Lebanon. I spent 16 months in Bethlehem focusing on Syriac Orthodox Christians and have researched peace-building in Syria.

I live in Aberdeenshire with my wife and two young daughters. Alongside long distance running, I enjoy music - my PhD was part-funded by working as a singing waiter, so I’m always happy to sing when I come to speak about Embrace the Middle East! Read more.

Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East is a Christian charity with over 160 years’ experience helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from a life of poverty and injustice.

Together with local Christian communities we’re bringing lasting change to the Middle East through education, healthcare and community development projects. Join us as we help people reach their God-given potential.


Image credit: Paul Jeffrey